About us

The Strong People League History.

There is a belief that an idea for which time is ripe is unstoppable. “The Strong People League” is a case in point!  

“The Strong People League” was created on 24 December 2021 as an official civil association, though its history dates back to 2019. At that time six leading Ukrainian organizations working for people with disabilities and their families consolidated for the first time for participating in the advocacy campaign to introduce competitive state financing of civil organizations of people with disabilities.


After fruitful result-oriented joint work and expected victory the founders of “The Strong People League” realized that it was worth changing the system comprehensively, while there was joint motive energy for large-scale changes.


Dismissing conventions and being fully aware of the subject matter, the founders held a strategic session and wrote out the values of the association, and defined the goals of the association.


“The Strong People League” is an association that unites, develops, communicates, and implements systemic changes jointly with partner organizations. We are consolidated in our striving for qualitative improvements in the approach to the interaction with people with disabilities. 

It is important for us that society will break both social and physical barriers for people with disabilities and accept every person whatever he or she is, with no restrictions or conventions. We develop the institutional capacity of the organizations which work in the sphere of services for people with disabilities. We unite and stay united because we are Stronger when we are together!

Founders and members of “The Strong People League”.

The Mission of Civil Association. We unite NGOs for the decent life of every person with a disability.

It is worth mentioning that the mission includes two components that form a single concept:

1. The association of the civil organizations: the attention of the mission is given to the organizational enhancement and development of each participating organization, as well as to the systemic institutional impact which will arise as a result of the consolidation of the efforts made by the league’s members for solving critical questions at the national level and supporting the organizations helping people with disabilities exercise their rights at the regional level;

2. A decent life for every person with a disability: this aspect of the mission defines the major focus on joining civil organizations as “The Strong People League”. The founders of the League have a professional approach to the achievement of this objective. They have expert and practical knowledge in the field of rehabilitation and inclusion, they implement the philosophy of an independent life based on their example, they have an active life position, and have a good command of using instruments of civil society development. The engagement of new members will allow for comprehensive change in the living conditions of a person with a disability in Ukraine;

Жінка середніх років та молода жінка тримають приймачі для прослуховування екскурсії. Стоять у залі з картинами бароккового стилю

“The Strong people League” civil association calls for uniting NGOs and mobilizing people with disabilities for participating in exercising their rights and building new opportunities for improving the quality of their lives; ensuring equal rights and opportunities, social defense, learning, working, and access to physical surroundings, transport, information, and communication.

If you share the aims of the League sincerely, meet the value-based criteria and principles of democracy, are ready to pursue the institutionalization path, have an active civil position, and form a sound alternative to the existing system.