The defense and advocacy of people with disabilities are the priority activities of “The League of the Strong”. We are convinced that persons with disabilities are people with diverse talents, abilities, and dreams above all. They are able and ready to make our society better, but we need to create favorable conditions so they could reach their potential.

We had had many data and plans at the starting point, but, as it happens everywhere now, the war recalibrated them all. Therefore, today we are working on advocacy campaigns for the following important ideas

Люди з інвалідністю мають бути працевлаштованими

People with disabilities must be employed. This cooperation is also advantageous for employers.

Модульні містечка та інші будинки

Everyone must have an access to pre-fab camps and other temporary accommodations.

The improvement of the regulation of the construction provisions of the health care facilities and considering the needs of people with disabilities in bomb shelters both in new construction and reconstruction projects.

When rebuilding Ukraine, it is necessary to consider the interests of people with disabilities.

If you want to join the advocacy campaigns of The League of the Strong – write to us by mail.