Founders and members

“The League of the Strong” civil association consolidates NGOs and mobilizes people with disabilities for participating in exercising their rights and building new opportunities for improving the quality of their lives; ensuring equal rights and opportunities, social defense, learning, working, and access to physical surroundings, transport, information, and communication.


Олеся Яскевич
Бачити серцем

The “Bachyty Sercem” NGO

Since 2014 the “Bachyty Sercem” team has provided support for families raising children and for adults with severe developmental delays.

The team founded “Kosmotabir: A Space for Everyone”, the School of Socialization for Teenagers with Disabilities, the “Start” and “My Poriad” Projects, Psychological HUB, Fun HUB, and “YES” Workshop. Through their projects, the organization helps children and young people with disabilities socialize.

Olesia Yaskevych is the NGO’s leader.

All-Ukrainian Union of People with Disabilities
The “Active Rehabilitation Group”

Since 2008, the organization has inspired people with spinal cord injuries to an independent life, helped them prepare for it, and protected the rights of people with disabilities.

The “Active Rehabilitation Group” founded the “First Contact” program, which conducts camps of active rehabilitation and seminar for health care facilities employees who become partners in implementing the program later.

The NGO is chaired by Vitalii Pcholkin.

Віталій Пчолкін
Група Активної Реабілітації
Марія Ясеновська
Громадська альтернатива

The “Hromadska Alternatyva”
Kharkiv Regional Foundation

Since 2005, the organization has promoted inclusion values and counteracted human rights discrimination.

The Foundation created the “Inclusion Fest” festival which promoted inclusion approaches, developed the training course on inclusion for cultural workers and prepared numerous publications on human rights, non-discrimination, correct use of language, and inclusion.

Maria Yasenovska is the President of the Foundation.

The “Vidchui” NGO

Since 2011, “Vidchui” has systematically been concerned with providing assistance and social adaptation to people with hearing impairments.

Since 2015, the same-name child center has been functioning at the organization. The teachers for people with hearing impairments, speech therapists, and psychologists provide free pedagogical and psychological services for children with hearing impairments. This is a unique free advice center in Ukraine.

Weekly, specialists help about 120 families of children with hearing impairments.

The NGO is chaired by Daria Herasymchuk.

Дар'я Герасимчук
Маріанна Онуфрик

The “Family for People with Disabilities” NGO

Since 2000, the organization has provided social and development services to children and young people with disabilities.

The team founded the Center for Social Service Provision in partnership with the interdisciplinary team composed of specialized teachers, speech therapists, rehabilitation therapists, psychologists, art therapists, tutors, and social employees. Also, “Family” opened the “Horniatko Dobroty” daycare center and vocational center for young people with disabilities.

The Board of the organization is chaired by Marianna Onufryk.

The “Association of Inclusive Country” Charity Fund

Since 2002, the Fund has implemented the inclusion ideas in Ukrainian society, facilitated the self-fulfillment of people with disabilities with the help of IT, as well as represented the interests of people with disabilities both in Ukraine and at the international level.

The Fund founded the “Limitless Learning” program which facilitates creating learning conditions in various industries, in particular, IT, and the “Employment Opportunities” program for improving employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Also, the Association implements raising awareness projects and initiatives.

Yulia Resenchuk is the President of the Fund.

Юлія Ресенчук


OrganizationChairpersonCore activityContacts
The “Bachyty Sercem” NGOOlesia
The comprehensive support for families raising children with severe developmental delays. The support for adults with severe developmental delays.More
The “Active Rehabilitation Group” All-Ukrainian Union of People with DisabilitiesVitalii
Active rehabilitation and protection of rights of the person with spinal cord injuries.More
The “Hromadska Alternatyva” Kharkiv Regional FoundationMaria
Counteraction discrimination and promotion of inclusion, human rights protection, in particular, children’s rights, and fair justice.More
The “Vidchui” NGODaria
Supporting and helping families having children with hearing impairments.More
The “Family for People with Disabilities” NGOMarianna
Daycare, social adaptation, education, psychological support, and in-kind aid for children and young people with severe disabilities and their family members.More
The “Association of Inclusive Country” Charity Fund.Yulia
The assistance to people with disabilities concerning the acquisition of the required knowledge and skills in the demanded professions and provision of charity aid in the form of computer equipment for their learning.More
The fight for the observance of the rights of people with disabilities in Ukraine, evacuation of people with disabilities in safer places, and care about accessibility of physical environment, information, web space, and services.More