Community and learning

“The League of the Strong” unites civil associations for the decent life of every person with a disability. When we act jointly we are more efficient in the promotion of the due exercising rights of people with disabilities in Ukraine and advocacy of respective principles. The Community is a support network opening multiple new development paths for organizations.

What community members receive:



The opportunity for joint advocacy of the issues and needs of people with disabilities.



Lifelong learning and upgrading the qualification.



The exchange of services inside the community.



Advisory support from professional and efficient organizations of the community (mentorship).



Informational provision with the latest news in the field.



An opportunity to meet partners for joint projects and initiatives.

You can become a part of the community, if:

You work towards the changes indeed but do not imitate the activity.

You are a charity organization or a multipurpose civil association, and the work for the benefit of people with disabilities is one of your core activities, or other legal entity interested in the development of the rights of people with disabilities.

Your activity is transparent and free from political bias.

How to join:

If you want to make a positive difference for people with disabilities in our community, fill out the questionnaire

Wait for a call or letter from the “The League of the Strong” coordinator and get instructions on how to proceed.


Public organizations from different parts of Ukraine are already members of our community. Join a powerful environment of people of action!