Training on Organizational Development Held by “The League of the Strong”  Started

Стартувало навчання з організаційного розвитку від «Ліги Сильних»
Стартувало навчання з організаційного розвитку від «Ліги Сильних»

Today, on 21 November, the Organizational Development School for the organization working in the interests of people with disabilities opened. The program of the School includes a series of one-hour webinars on organizational development in an online format.

The webinars will be conducted in the evening from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.

During the learning a range of important topics will be considered:

  • How to work with young people having mental disabilities and their parents (including how to organize and initiate this work so that it would be a second family for these young people);
  • How can an organization start working with the bodies effectively;
  • Fundraising: what is and why financial contributions are important for the development of organizations;
  • How can an organization working with people with disabilities operate at the international level? What to expect from partners;
  • How to make a website of an organization available for people with disabilities;
  • How to cooperate with businesses and engage volunteers;
  • How to scale the activity of an organization;
  • How to restore the work of the organization after the beginning of the full-scale war.

Let us remind that “The Strong People League” is an innovative civil association working in the interests of people with disabilities. Our organization has been working in the sphere of ensuring and protecting the rights of people with disabilities since 2005.

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