NGO “Workshop of the Dream” Students Visit Maria Prymachenko Exhibition

Студенти «Майстерні Мрії» відвідали виставку Марії Примаченко
“Maisternia Mrii” Students Visit Maria Prymachenko Exhibition

Recently, students of the NGO “Workshop of the Dream” have visited the exhibition of Maria Prymachenko’s works. The team at the center decided that the talented Ukrainian artist who once charmed Picasso would become their artistic patroness.

“Her works are vibrant and sincere, they have no fear of doing something wrong: only full freedom and love for light. She enchants with this. We think that our approach to the work is very close to Prymachenko’s creativity: everyone can be different, be themselves, and be beyond the limits of ordinariness. I stay accepted and I am wonderful. The students were learning the paintings very carefully. We examined them from all possible angles, up close and afar. We do not believe in the stereotype of the inaccessibility of art for people with mental disabilities. It is accessible for everyone who has a heart”, — the “Maisternia” representatives say.

Let us remind you that “Maisternia Mrii” is a center providing socializing opportunities to young people with mental disabilities. The center creates an environment where they can acquire household skills, make warm friendships, and create, visit and organize various events by themselves. The Maisternia is not just a place for meetings, but also a community of support and respect, where everyone can bring their talent to light.

In the Maisternia, there is a social enterprise producing fragrant herb tea. This helps the organization be independent and sets the patterns for qualitative changes for the entire industry. 50% of the cost of all teas is given for the work with the youth.

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