The monitoring of the accessibility of pre-fab camps for people with disabilities

The mass migration of people because of the military actions caused the necessity to seek the possibilities of the fast construction of new living places. The construction of temporary accommodations such as pre-fab camps has become a response to the problem.

“The League of the Strong” in partnership with the European Disabilities Forum has analyzed the accessibility of 20 pre-fab camps for people with disabilities.

The audit of the accessibility of temporary accommodations in Ukraine has revealed a range of critical drawbacks which make the building inaccessible and unsuitable for many people with disabilities.

Моніторинг доступності модульних містечок для людей з інвалідністю
Моніторинг доступності модульних містечок для людей з інвалідністю

In particular, the following problems have been revealed:

  • the entrances to such houses are situated at the above-ground level and there are thresholds in the entrances;
  • the prefab houses are not equipped with ramps; the banisters are not installed either; 
  • the entrances to the houses are whole-colored and have no color contrast, which is why they are difficult to differentiate;
  • the space inside the shelter is not wide enough for wheelchair users to move and make a full round around;
  • the sanitary facilities are not made suitable for people with disabilities.


The situation can be changed by developing and adopting the delegated legislative acts which would enshrine the obligation of the minimal standards of the accessibility of pre-fab houses for people with disabilities.

Now we are actively working on the advocacy of these changes and communicating to the stakeholders the importance of the practical implementation of the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, in particular, the articles on accessibility, independent way of living and inclusion in the community, as well as satisfactory life standards and social protection.

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