The League of the Strong’s School of Organizational Development 2.0 brought together representatives of 19 regions


Yesterday, on April 11, the second enrollment in the School of Organizational Development for those working in the field of the rights of people with disabilities ended. More than 100 people from 19 regions attended the School. This was reported by Daria Sydorenko, executive director of the League of the Strong public union.

“The School was attended by representatives of public and charitable organizations, research institutes, educational institutions of various levels, local governments, and even businesses. We see a demand for development, for understanding the intricacies of working in this niche, so we will obviously organize new events of this format,” said Daria Sydorenko, Executive Director of the League of the Strong NGO.

The School included 5 trainings on 4 topics. Participants had the opportunity to learn more about various tools for advocacy and interaction with the authorities, the intricacies of accounting for NGOs, and the specifics of interaction with the media.

The topic, which was divided into two sessions, was the logical and structural matrix of a project when writing grant applications. At the request of the participants, the League of the Strong organized a third webinar on this topic, which took place last night and will be the final one.

As a reminder, the League of the Strong is a public union that was formed at the end of 2021. The main task is to unite public organizations and activate people with disabilities to participate in the realization of their rights. Since the full-scale invasion, one of the focuses of the organization’s work has been to help people with disabilities. Currently, the League of the Strong community includes 53 organizations. The curriculum of the Schools of Organizational Development is based on the community’s requests. More information about the terms of membership in the community can be found on the union’s website.

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