Unite and Help during the War (EDF)

Description of the EDF project

One of the main tasks of “The League of the Stron” is to contribute to and strengthen the European approach to the work with people with disabilities in the Ukrainian civil sector. That is why we must have partner relations with international organizations.

The implementation of the framework project in partnership with the European Disabilities Forum is an opportunity for “The League of the Stron” and members of our community to receive resourceful and advisory support from one of the most powerful European organizations operating in this field of activity.

Опис  проєкту  EDF

Today our cooperation covers three main areas of activity:

Допомога людям з інвалідністю, що постраждали внаслідок російсько-української війни.

The enhancement of the organizations of the community in providing help to people with disabilities who suffered as a result of the Russia-Ukraine war.

The advocacy of the interests of people with disabilities and monitoring of the observance of the rights of people with disabilities during accommodation.

Raising the organizational capacity of the community participants and “The Strong people League” as an association for sustainable development.

Each vector includes dozens of events and calls for facilitating the creation of better living conditions for people with disabilities.

The implemented projects include a comprehensive study: “The monitoring of rights of people with disabilities in the occupied Crimea”.

Follow the events held by “The League of the Stron” and the community members in the framework of the cooperation in the “News” section.